1 November 2006

Where Is The Justice?

Kenley Butler

Kenley Butler is executive officer and senior project manager
at the Monterey Institute of International Studies' Center for Nonproliferation
Studies (CNS).

Sammy Salama

Sammy Salama is a senior Middle East research associate at CNS
and the Monterey Terrorism Research and Education Program, and an adjunct faculty member at
the Monterey...


Leonard S. Spector

Leonard S. Spector is deputy director of CNS and leads the
center's Washington, D.C., Office.

“We busted the A. Q. Khan network,” President George W. Bush declared in 2004. Yet, two years later, most of Khan's accomplices remain free. And Henk Slebos, one of Khan's key European operatives, got off with a reduced sentence. The message is clear: Let the punishment fit the crime-unless the crime happens to be trafficking in nuclear technology.