1 July 2011

The implications of Fukushima

Caroline Jorant

Caroline Jorant currently works as a consultant in international relations in the energy sector, with a special emphasis on nuclear energy. Until June 2010, she was director of Non-proliferation...

The effects of the tragedy at Japan’s Fukushima power plant will continue to reverberate over the upcoming weeks, months, and years. And, as the writers in this symposium explain, the consequences of the disaster go beyond Japan—like Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, Fukushima will reshape nuclear agendas and policies in countries around the world. In this Global Forum, leading experts reflect on the current and future implications of Fukushima for their own countries—the United States, the European Union, and South Korea. Mark Cooper (2011) writes from the United States; Caroline Jorant from the European Union; and Soon Heung Chang (2011) from South Korea. In August, this forum will continue as a Roundtable at www.thebulletin.org.