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1 November 2007
During the 1980s, a grass roots movement against nuclear weapons filled city streets worldwide with protesters. Today, the drumbeat for disarmament is growing loud again. Our experts debate whether we are witnessing a reemergence
26 October 2007

Disarmament, not new nuclear weapons

Last month, I visited Hiroshima, where a Hibakusha (a survivor of the atomic bomb) gave a
heart-wrenching presentation; after that, I spent hours walking through the peace museum and park.
As I walked past the Atomic Dome, a building that still stands to make visible the Bomb's

9 October 2007

The spirituality of the Department of Peace movement

The Department of Peace movement has deep spiritual roots. Spiritualist and author Marianne
Williamson founded the Peace Alliance to bridge the U.S. spiritual and political consciousness. She

30 August 2007

The Vietnam corollary

I was also struck by Lawrence Wittner's comment about the Iraq War. His remark reminds me of the challenges that the Department of Peace campaign faced during the Vietnam War.

2 July 2007

The movement for a U.S. Department of Peace

I agree with Lawrence Wittner and Kate Hudson that there is a definite resurgence of nuclear disarmament activity. In recent years we have also seen the emergence of a movement to establish a Department of Peace. The Department of Peace offers a new approach to ending nuclear war.