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29 January 2014

Energy imperatives, environmental awareness

Chuenchom Sangarasri GreacenAdnan A. HezriAshish Kothari

Economic development requires energy. But as developing nations chart their energy courses, they increasingly must consider the environmental expectations of their populations—a task made harder because poor and middle-class people often view environmental issues quite differently.

21 January 2014

Who can lead?

The author argues that the chances of implementing progressive environmental visions are constrained by political realities, but that hope for ecological sustainability lies in informed, engaged citizens.

17 December 2013

To change policy, win power

The author argues that individual consumption can’t be reduced enough to significantly mitigate climate change except through public policy, which itself can only be controlled if environmentalists begin to win political power.

4 December 2013

Time to move beyond baby steps

The author examines the developing world’s "trilemma" of energy security, environmental sustainability, and social equity and explores ways in which progress toward a green economy can be accelerated.