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19 November 2013

Seeking climate equity

Ambuj SagarPablo SolónRolph Payet

Most poor nations bear little responsibility for climate change but many of them stand to suffer greatly from it. Some rich nations balk at reducing carbon emissions unless others do likewise. How should responsibility for addressing climate change be apportioned?

13 November 2013

Reason over realism

The author argues that “realism” in climate negotiations is really just a euphemism for nations’ unwillingness to address climate change. What’s needed instead of realism is realistic acknowledgement of the climate problem.

21 October 2013

Put development first

The author writes that most tensions between development and climate mitigation can be resolved, but that mitigation may nonetheless need to be approached from a "development first" perspective.

8 October 2013

Global commons, wicked problem

The author writes that a mechanism for addressing climate change equitably already exists: the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. But rich countries are not fulfilling their part of the "common but differentiated responsibilities" discussed in the convention.