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1 March 2013
Special issue: US nuclear exit?
27 August 2007

Negawatts and micropower are market winners, while nuclear is a market loser

Steve Berry undoubtedly supports energy efficiency, on which he did good work in the past. But
his understanding of it is so minimal that he thinks it "barely lowered the slope" of China's
energy demand. In fact, "barely" averaged 70 percent during 1980-2001.

25 June 2007

Nuclear remains a slow, expensive option

I asked Stephen Berry what he thinks energy efficiency and low- or no-carbon energy sources can
do, how fast, and at what cost--giving him concrete examples of their successful implementation.

25 April 2007

Nuclear is uneconomic

My friend Steve Berry "posits" a supposed need for major nuclear expansion, unsupported by any
analysis. To understand and test his conclusion, one must know what he thinks energy efficiency and