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17 December 2012

The dubious joy of misperceptions

Aristotle is sometimes credited with saying, "the law is reason, free from passion." If this is true, our Roundtable may not have been one of law. Some arguments seem to have been motivated by passion, and not by reason.

17 December 2012

Iran and the bomb: The legal standards of the IAEA

Daniel H. JoynerChristopher A. FordAndreas Persbo
26 November 2012

Correct and complete is the norm

No one is trying to argue that the present is the past. At the same time, it is fatuous to declare that history is irrelevant for contemporary policy choices, or for the interpretation of law. Law is decided by policy, and policy is often determined by experience.

5 November 2012

Agreements should be kept

Earlier this year, I published a 17-page paper on nuclear safeguards commissioned by the EU non-proli

1 September 2009
As the International Atomic Energy Agency's director-general, Mohamed ElBaradei stood up to the United States, prevented a widening Middle East conflict, and won the Nobel Peace Prize. Yet as he prepares to leave, the future
23 September 2008

Testing the test ban treaty: Week three of the CTBTO inspection exercise in Kazakhstan

Andreas Persbo

It's Wednesday, September 17, and more than two weeks have elapsed since the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) began its mock inspection exercise in Kazakhstan. A quick refresher on the particulars of the exercise: In August, the CTBTO's International Monitoring System detected seismic signals from underground shocks that looked as if they might have come from a clandestine nuclear test in the vast territory of Arcania, a fictional Central Asian republic where more than 20 nuclear weapons test explosions had been openly conducted during the Cold War.

1 March 2005
With sensors in the ground, water, and air, the global system to detect nuclear tests already exceeds designers' expectations. Its potential now depends on political will.