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29 January 2014

Making change happen

The author identifies five forces that, over time, can help humanity achieve harmony with the natural environment despite a currently adverse political environment.

29 January 2014

Energy imperatives, environmental awareness

Chuenchom Sangarasri GreacenAdnan A. HezriAshish Kothari

Economic development requires energy. But as developing nations chart their energy courses, they increasingly must consider the environmental expectations of their populations—a task made harder because poor and middle-class people often view environmental issues quite differently.

19 December 2013

More democracy, and a sense of limits

The author argues that renewable energy, though a good strategy for climate mitigation, must be decentralized; otherwise, it will fail to provide energy access to the poor. He also argues that economic “de-growth,” while necessary, is necessary only in the world's wealthy regions.

27 November 2013

Tough, but not impossible

The author argues in favor a "sustainable consumption line," a metric according to which not all consumption would be treated as legitimate, and a fundamental restructuring of societies' dominant values.