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6 May 2014

The import of the Marshall Islands nuclear lawsuit

Avner CohenLily Vaccaro

A tiny Pacific nation's action at the International Court of Justice highlights a new politics of nuclear disarmament, tied to humanitarian issues

17 August 2010

Israel ponders a nuclear Iran

Avner Cohen

Of all the international nuclear-related challenges facing Israel, the most urgent and important is the possibility of a nuclear Iran.1 Israel's intense response to Iran tells us much about Israel's own existential predicament. The consensus in Israel is that the advent of a nuclear Iran, albeit depending on what this would mean exactly, would pose an unprecedented threat to Israel. For the first time, Israel would confront a hostile state in the region that possesses nuclear weapons.

1 May 2006
When President Richard Nixon took office he was confronted with evidence that Israel would soon have the Bomb. Newly declassified documents divulge what happened next.
1 May 2004
A separate agreement for Israel, India, and Pakistan would bolster nonproliferation efforts from outside the NPT, but would require Israel to acknowledge its nuclear status.