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14 August 2013

Banning WMD from the Middle East

Mansour SalsabiliEhud EiranMartin B. MalinAyman Khalil

The place: Helsinki. The time: 2012. The event: A landmark conference that would mark the greatest success so far in long-running efforts to establish in the Middle East a zone free of weapons of mass destruction. The conference didn't happen. Does that mean the process is dead?

14 August 2013

The zone: Avenue toward a comprehensive settlement

Isaac Newton observed, in so many words, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. What does this have to do with the proposed Middle Eastern zone free of weapons of mass destruction?

15 July 2013

A region in flux, a regime at risk

No clear consensus has emerged in this Roundtable on a very basic point: whether the effort to establish a zone without weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East has collapsed—or has merely been suspended. I would be interested in hearing my colleagues' views on this question.

21 June 2013

The winding path to Helsinki

In the fall of 2011, everything seemed to be in place to convene a 2012 conference on establishing a WMD-free zone in the Middle East. The meeting was to be sponsored by the United Nations as well as by the United States, Russia, and the United Kingdom.