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1 November 2014
Global forum

Decades after several nuclear weapon states committed themselves to pursuing disarmament "in good faith" and "at an early date," frustration over the pace of disarmament is growing more conspicuous.

25 August 2014

Ban the bomb?

Héctor GuerraBharat KarnadRodrigo Álvarez Valdés

Nations with nuclear arsenals find it easy enough to resist the disarmament pressure of countries that lack nuclear weapons. But what if a treaty emerged that turned nuclear-armed states into outlaws?

15 August 2014

Riding the moral hobbyhorse

The author argues that disarmament instruments like the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty have little bearing today on the behavior of nuclear weapon states—that nuclear-armed nations can be perhaps cajoled to approach the disarmament well, but cannot be compelled to drink.

25 July 2014

Diagnosis: Tlatelolco-itis

The author argues that when disarmament advocates rely on the Tlatelolco Treaty as a basis for eliminating nuclear weapons, they tend to overlook an implicit nuclear security guarantee that the United States extends to Latin America—a security guarantee undercutting any notion that the region is

10 July 2014

Banning nuclear weapons: A hollow exercise

The author argues that only moral suasion could compel nuclear-armed nations to comply with a treaty banning nuclear weapons. Moral suasion counts for little in today's world, he says, so establishing a treaty in the first place would be a hollow exercise.