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29 October 2008

The role of NGOs in addressing concerns about neuroscience

In their initial essay, "The Security Impact of the Neurosciences," Margaret Kosal and Jonathan Huang raised four questions:

11 September 2008

The limits of traditional arms control models

Margaret Kosal made several interesting propositions in her last commentary. One sentence struck me as particularly important and may present an opportunity to integrate three orthogonal threads of this discussion that otherwise indicate a divergence in opinion.

11 August 2008

Military applications of neuroscience are unlikely from additional basic research alone

I would like to reflect on the approaches taken by my colleagues, Jonathan Moreno and Margaret Kosal, in the beginning of this discussion.

9 July 2008

The potential impact of neuroscience research is greater than previously thought

Jonathan Huang and Margaret Kosal have done an excellent job in carefully framing this discussion.