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29 January 2014

Energy imperatives, environmental awareness

Chuenchom Sangarasri GreacenAdnan A. HezriAshish Kothari

Economic development requires energy. But as developing nations chart their energy courses, they increasingly must consider the environmental expectations of their populations—a task made harder because poor and middle-class people often view environmental issues quite differently.

9 January 2014

Conceiving life afresh

The author argues that fossil fuels have become so entwined with modern life that many people have difficulty conceiving of life without it. Solving climate change therefore requires thinking afresh about basic attitudes toward life.

12 December 2013

Money and politics are the problem

The author argues that sustainable energy and efficiency measures cannot come close to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as climate change demands. Adequate progress can only be achieved by decreasing money’s influence over politics.

26 November 2013

Climbing out of the hole

The author argues that poverty exists because of an unfair global economic system, not because the world has too little wealth. Moreover, in a world of finite resources, poverty cannot eradicated by pursuing endless economic growth. Rather, a fundamental realignment of economies is necessary.