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22 February 2013

Criticism is not enough

The author argues that the Egyptian government should embark on a transparent process regarding the siting of nuclear power facilities, bringing in scientists, environmental groups, local residents, and journalists.

31 January 2013

Public versus private

The author reports that Egypt's revolution has led to greater press freedom, but a lack of transparency continues to characterize the country's nuclear program.

20 December 2012

Challenges outnumber resources

The author reports that Egyptian science journalists, particularly those covering nuclear issues, face challenges including poor government cooperation, lack of professional training, and a moribund local science sector.

18 December 2012

Nuclear journalism in the developing world

Alexander GoltsPramit Pal ChaudhuriDalia el-Akkad

Difficult subject matter. Classified information. Landmines of controversy. These problems are familiar to any journalist covering nuclear issues, even those who work under the best of circumstances.