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16 February 2017
AmericasMiddle East

Iran’s missile tests: What exactly did they use, and what does it mean?

Dina EsfandiaryMichael Elleman

A review of the possible types of missiles that Iran launched in January 2017.

22 April 2015
Middle East

Why nuclear dominoes won't fall in the Middle East

Dina EsfandiaryAriane Tabatabai

A close analysis of probable scenarios suggests that a final Iranian nuclear agreement is unlikely to trigger a Middle East nuclear weapons cascade 

15 October 2014
Middle East

The very small Islamic State WMD threat

Dina EsfandiaryMatthew Cottee

Fears that terrorists could get and use nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons are overblown

5 June 2014
Middle East

Meeting Iran's nuclear fuel supply needs

Dina EsfandiaryAriane Tabatabai

Negotiators will have to reassure Tehran that it can get the enriched uranium it requires for civilian energy plants.