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1 May 2014
Global forum

In 2012, an effort to establish a zone in the Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction ran out of momentum.

27 February 2014

Time to ban chemical weapons from the Middle East?

Mostafa Elwi SaifEmily B. LandauRadwan Ziadeh

Chemical weapons are disappearing from Syria and some say it's time to ban them from the entire region. Others say banning nuclear weapons must remain paramount. Could simply discussing these issues make the region more secure?

13 February 2014

From dialogue, some hope—even in the Middle East

The author argues that the United States, Russia, and perhaps the nations of the European Union should spearhead an effort to establish a chemical-weapon-free zone in the Middle East.

27 January 2014

Where to start: Win-win opportunities

The author argues that progress toward establishing regional security structures in the Middle East must begin with a search for win-win solutions.

18 December 2013

A path toward trust

The author argues that negotiations toward establishing a chemical-weapon-free zone in the Middle East could address some of Israel's security concerns, address the region's deficit of trust, and lay the groundwork for a comprehensive regional security forum.

27 September 2012

Israel and the WMD-free zone: Has Israel closed the door?

Emily B. LandauShimon Stein

Last week, Israel's  influential paper, Haaretz, led its front page with a rather decisive headline: "Israel rejects US-backed Arab plan for conference on nuclear-free Mideast." The problem, however, is that the country announced no such decision.

6 May 2012

Negotiating with Iran: Expectations for Baghdad

Emily B. Landau

The only visible achievement of the talks between the major powers and Iran in Istanbul in mid-April -- 15 months after the previous round had been pronounced a failure -- was agreement to meet again in Baghdad.

7 February 2011

WMD no-first-use in the Middle East: A way to move forward in 2012?

David FriedmanEmily B. LandauEphraim AsculaiTamar Malz-GinzburgYair Evron

At the 2010 Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference, a declaration was approved unanimously to hold a conference in 2012 to discuss the notion of a zone free of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in the Middle East. Since this decision, however, it is not clear what, if any, preparations have been taken with regard to organizing the conference, and there remain many more unknowns than knowns about what is expected to take place.