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19 March 2008

Stabilize global population and tax carbon to reduce per-capita emissions

Because this is the last round of our discussion, I'd like to make specific policy
recommendations that address the related challenges of population growth and greenhouse gas

15 February 2008

Reducing unintended fertility should be a top international climate priority

There is agreement in our discussion about the need to provide family planning, reproductive
health services, and related education to everyone on the planet in a noncoercive way. There's also

17 January 2008

Population growth is easier to manage than per-capita emissions

Betsy Hartmann believes that we are not "on the brink of demographic disaster." I disagree.
We're already in the middle of a demographic disaster at the global scale in environmental terms. I

3 December 2007

Rising carbon emissions call for a population policy

Human population continues to grow by more than 75 million people annually. Since the first
Earth Day in 1970, global population and annual carbon dioxide emissions have both increased by
about 70 percent. As a result,