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10 May 2012

Nuclear option: The developing world weighs energy needs and security risks

Gilberto M. JannuzziShahriman LockmanP. R. Kumaraswamy

Over 45 countries that do not use nuclear power today are seriously considering its adoption; of these, 37 are classified by the World Bank as developing nations.

26 April 2012

Where proliferation concerns ring hollow

The author reports that, to Latin Americans, who live in a relatively peaceful region that has been governed for decades by a nuclear-weapon-free zone treaty, the international community's concerns about the proliferation of nuclear weapons can sound a bit strange.

5 April 2012

Supply, demand, and knowing what is important

The author argues that many developing countries contemplate adoption of nuclear power because they devote too much focus to energy security and too little to energy delivery systems and end-use energy infrastructure.


27 March 2012

The developing world has better options than nuclear energy

The author argues that nuclear energy is too costly and centralized for poor countries but that middle-income countries, with their expanding urban populations and growing industrial sectors, might indeed be candidates for nuclear power.