Gordon Adams

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18 September 2007

When national security meets government bureaucracy

Gordon Adams

Too often Washington confronts its national security challenges by installing a "czar" to knock heads and inspire collaboration among government agencies. Here’s why that approach doesn’t work.

18 July 2007

Creating an integrated U.S. national security policy

Gordon Adams

By asking what if, U.S. policy makers and advisers might find the solutions to restoring the country's credibility abroad.

28 May 2007

Straightening out U.S. foreign aid programs

Gordon Adams

As the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan batter our national consciousness, we should recall that heady time a few years ago when some observers thought the United States would serve as the benign hegemon of a globalized world and the enforcer of global stability.

30 April 2007

The problem with expanding the U.S. military

Gordon Adams

The United States is at war; well, its military is anyway. The United States chose this war, chose badly, and conducted it even more poorly. Washington amply demonstrated that it's not capable of exporting democracy and reconstructing a country--especially when that country is in the midst of a civil war unleashed by U.S. incompetence. Perhaps we're learning that the world is a vastly more complicated place than our naive assumptions led us to believe.

1 April 2007

The U.S. military’s growing role in foreign policy

Gordon Adams

Letting the Pentagon execute a growing portion of the U.S. national security policy isn't in the best interest of the military or the country.

4 March 2007

Defense spending: Embarrassment of riches

Gordon Adams

The United States seems to be experiencing a never-ending, rapidly growing demand for money from the armed services and Defense Department. On an upward slope since 2001, this demand now stands at unprecedented levels. If Congress provides all of the resources requested by Defense in its new budget, the United States will spend more on defense in comparable (constant) dollars than at any time since World War II.

4 February 2007

Unbalanced priorities

Gordon Adams

The proposed U.S. budget may allow the military to pursue foreign policy initiatives, but it's a job best left to the State Department.