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1 November 2014
Global forum

Decades after several nuclear weapon states committed themselves to pursuing disarmament "in good faith" and "at an early date," frustration over the pace of disarmament is growing more conspicuous.

25 August 2014

Ban the bomb?

Héctor GuerraBharat KarnadRodrigo Álvarez Valdés

Nations with nuclear arsenals find it easy enough to resist the disarmament pressure of countries that lack nuclear weapons. But what if a treaty emerged that turned nuclear-armed states into outlaws?

11 August 2014

Out of the inferno

The author likens mankind's possession of nuclear weapons to Dante's journey through the inferno—arguing that human beings can transit to a new stage in history just as the poet emerged from hell.

18 July 2014

No sentimental undertaking

The author argues that considering nuclear weapons solely in terms of power politics fails to account for humanity's capacity to develop new, collective strategies for survival—and that such strategies may yet lead to disarmament.

9 July 2014

Enforcing a ban, preventing treaty capture

The author argues that an ongoing diplomatic initiative regarding the humanitarian impact of nuclear detonations could, if great care is exercised, evolve into a successful process for establishing a treaty banning nuclear weapons.