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1 January 2010
Nuclear notebook

With or without a follow-on agreement to START, the number of warheads in the Russian nuclear arsenal continues to shrink. But that doesn't mean Moscow has given up modernizing its strategic nuclear forces.

1 November 2009
Nuclear notebook

As the United States and Russia continue to consolidate their nuclear arsenals, the number of sites in the world that host nuclear weapons also has decreased.

1 September 2009
Nuclear notebook

Pakistan is enhancing its nuclear weapon capabilities across the board by developing and deploying new nuclear-capable missiles and expanding its capacity to produce fissile materials for use in weapons.

1 July 2009
Nuclear notebook

Of 100 types of U.S. warheads developed since 1945, only 15 remain active. New warhead production ceased in 1992, but modified warheads continue to be introduced.

1 May 2009
Nuclear notebook

Russia continues to reduce the number of nuclear warheads it deploys on ICBMs, yet it is deploying and developing advanced missiles. It has also increased patrols by nuclear-armed submarines.

1 March 2009
Nuclear notebook

The United States has officially reached the upper limit of 2,200 operationally deployed strategic warheads set by the moscow Treaty, yet warhead dismantlement is proceeding slowly.

1 January 2009
Nuclear notebook

Recent research exposes the fallacies that helped to drive missile stockpiles to astronomical levels, making Russia's persistently slow reduction of deployed missiles all the more inexcusable.