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6 September 2012

Ability to harm brings responsibility to help

The author explores the ways in which a country such as Nepal could contribute to climate change efforts -- and the responsibilities that wealthier countries bear toward least developed nations.

30 August 2012

The nuclear approach to climate risk

Wang HaibinAnthony TurtonHira Bahadur Thapa

From desertification in China to glacier melt in Nepal to water scarcity in South Africa, climate change is beginning to make itself felt in the developing world.

16 August 2012

Environmental gains come with security risks

The author reports that, though Nepal might benefit in climate terms from a global expansion of nuclear power, it must regard nuclear expansion in its near neighbors with trepidation.

26 July 2012

Climate change, reactors, and bombs

The author argues that several developments might help nuclear power contribute meaningfully to climate mitigation; these include the emergence of advanced reactor technologies and the multilateralization of the nuclear fuel cycle.