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Hugh Gusterson

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27 October 2007

The effect of U.S. nuclear testing on the Marshallese

Hugh Gusterson

Five decades after its final nuclear test in the Marshall Islands, Washington still refuses to appropriately compensate those harmed by the tests.

23 September 2007

Determining the truth about U.S. missile defense

Hugh Gusterson

Among the many reasons for the deterioration in relations between the United States and Russia is the Bush administration's recent announcement of plans to deploy components of a missile defense system in the Czech Republic and Poland. While the administration said the system is designed to target future Iranian missiles, the Russians objected that it would also hold their nuclear missiles at risk. They suggested that the United States use a radar in Azerbaijan, which would be unable to track Russian missiles, in lieu of the proposed facility in the Czech Republic.

1 August 2007

Still surviving Hiroshima

Hugh Gusterson

Even for those who lived through the first atomic bombings, it will always be August 1945.

23 July 2007

Nuclear terrorism: The new day after

Hugh Gusterson

It's irrational to think that human beings would behave rationally in the hours and days after a nuclear terrorist attack.

1 July 2007
The RRW Program will not close the growing generation gap among weapons designers.
4 June 2007

Nuclear terrorism: Correcting the future

Hugh Gusterson

If we lose Washington, we better get our story straight. Otherwise, history will rewrite itself.

7 May 2007

The New York Times's slanted North Korea coverage

Hugh Gusterson

You would never guess by reading the country's so-called paper of record, but Pyongyang actually has national security interests of its own.

9 April 2007

The militarization of neuroscience

Hugh Gusterson

The U.S. military's interest in physics helped produce the Bomb. Now the Pentagon is mining neuroscience for a host of futuristic weapons.

25 March 2007

Understanding the reliable replacement warhead

Hugh Gusterson

The U.S. weapons laboratories want to build a new, supposedly safer, nuclear warhead. But will it make the country safer?

20 February 2007

A parent's quandary

Hugh Gusterson

When it comes to war and social issues, what do we tell the children?