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1 July 2015
Global forum

Some observers believe that plutonium reprocessing is on the verge of an expansion, while others argue that the end of the practice is in sight.

1 May 2015

China will triple the number of nuclear power plants it has in operation by 2020 according to official plans, and the country’s nuclear fleet will increase 20-fold by 2050 under some not-yet-approved proposals. But how and where will China get the uranium to fuel them all?

17 June 2014

China worries about Japanese plutonium stocks

Hui Zhang

Some Chinese policymakers question whether Japanese under-reporting of plutonium stocks was an honest mistake—or a deliberate effort at concealment

21 April 2014

Why China should observe the Nuclear Security Summit pledge

Hui Zhang

Beijing has nothing to fear from IAEA security procedures or real-life, real-world tests of security at its nuclear sites.

10 March 2014

How Beijing can help prevent nuclear terrorism

Hui Zhang

China’s nuclear establishment needs a cultural shift.

22 April 2013

China moves cautiously ahead on nuclear energy

Hui ZhangShangui Zhao

From 2005 to 2011, China rapidly developed its nuclear power capacity. In 2010 alone, it began operations at two new reactors and broke ground on 10 more, accounting for more than 60 percent of new reactor construction worldwide and making the Chinese nuclear industry by far the fastest-growing in the world. By the end of 2010, China had 14 nuclear reactors in operation with a total capacity of about 11 gigawatts electric, or GWe.

25 October 2012

Advancing China's nuclear security

Hui Zhang

China, like all nuclear weapon states, bears a responsibility to provide leadership in nuclear security issues. But China's strategy for securing its nuclear weapons -- and the complex of facilities where fissile material for weapons is fabricated and stored -- has so far remained largely opaque.

1 July 2012
Under the guiding principles of its nuclear policy—maintaining a minimum deterrent, asserting a no-first-use pledge, and avoiding a nuclear arms race—China is modernizing its nuclear forces to assure a limited, reliable, and effective counterattack capability that will deter a first nuc
16 January 2012

The defensive nature of China's "underground great wall"

Hui Zhang

There has been a lot of prominent discussion lately (in the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, among other places) about the size of China's nuclear arsenal, based on a study by Georgetown University professor Phillip Karber, "Strategic Implications of China's Underground

23 July 2009

Is North Korea's reprocessing facility operating?

Hui Zhang

In response to a U.N. resolution punishing its nuclear test on May 25, North Korea defiantly threatened on June 13 to weaponize all of its newly separated plutonium. Pyongyang also declared, "More than one-third of the spent fuel rods has been reprocessed to date." However, recent off-site air samples and satellite imagery suggest that North Korea's reprocessing facility isn't operating, casting doubt on Pyongyang's statements. But is it possible that North Korea's reprocessing facility could be in use without detection?