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1 July 2013

The potential and pitfalls of societal verification

Jamal Khaer IbrahimRajeswari Pillai RajagopalanIbrahim Said Ibrahim

For decades, arms control experts have envisioned a world in which ordinary people could verify treaty compliance. With the emergence of smartphones and social networks, this world may be ready to materialize. But are developing nations ready for citizen verification?

6 June 2013

Finding acceptance, filling gaps

The author argues that, in the developing world, societal verification initiatives have the best chance of flourishing if they are aligned with trade and supply-chain incentives and separated as much as possible from arms control and from politics in general.


16 May 2013

Choosing the right track

The author argues that, in the developing world, Track 3 diplomacy might represent the most useful diplomatic avenue for promoting societal verification in arms control.

7 May 2013

Needed: Motivation and support

The author argues that societal verification’s chances of contributing to disarmament and nonproliferation efforts can be maximized if individuals whose professional incentives align with the undertaking are encouraged to participate.