Jeffrey T. Richelson

Articles by Jeffrey T. Richelson

1 January 2006
As more nations build and launch their own spy satellites, secrecy is becoming a thing of the past.
1 May 2005
Why is the Defense Department pumping billions of dollars into a stealth satellite program that may not even enhance U.S. intelligence-gathering capabilities?
1 November 2003
How agencies thwart the Freedom of Information Act
1 March 2003
How the Defense Department practices the fine art of making friends and influencing people.
1 January 2003
There may be a gap between when the current generation of Advanced KH-11 and Onyx reconnaissance satellites stop working and when their replacements are ready.
1 September 1999
Maybe one good thing will come from the Chinese espionage flap–the weapons labs' security deficiencies may be improved.