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15 February 2008

The biosecurity risks not yet addressed

It is a relief to me as a bench scientist, but a positive surprise to me as a biodefense
professional, that all of the discussants in this roundtable argued in favor of publicly available

18 January 2008

Stopping dangerous research before it starts

This discussion needs some clarification. Iris Hunger is right in stating that the expertise to build and deploy a biological weapon is distributed among only a few people who are difficult (but not impossible) to recruit.

18 December 2007

Defining the terrorist risk

The participants of this roundtable, including myself, agree that it is a bad idea to limit access to pathogen sequence information. However, we seem to disagree on why we agree.

13 November 2007

Questions to consider about gene synthesis technology

Microbiological research is increasingly troubled by ethical questions regarding its potential misuse.