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28 November 2007

Winning anti-nuclear weapon arguments

How do we get our arguments out and win? That's the million-dollar question, and a question that
we're right to continually strategize around. But in this regard, I've noticed two mistaken

1 November 2007
During the 1980s, a grass roots movement against nuclear weapons filled city streets worldwide with protesters. Today, the drumbeat for disarmament is growing loud again. Our experts debate whether we are witnessing a reemergence
1 October 2007

Interfaith cooperation works

Recent contributors have rightly raised the faith dimension to anti-nuclear campaigning. There's
a strong tradition of grassroots faith opposition to nuclear weapons in Britain, which at times has
been inspirational even for those of us who don't count faith as a primary identity.

21 August 2007

How the Iraq War affects the anti-nuclear movement

Lawrence Wittner touched on something of great significance in his latest posting when he wrote, "A major problem faced by the anti-nuclear campaign in the United States and abroad is that peace groups are preoccupied with the ongoing Iraq War and the broader Mideast crisis."

23 June 2007

A strong movement in Britain

Lawrence Wittner is right to speak of a fierce anti-nuclear uprising in Britain over the past year. Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), together with other peace organizations, has built Britain's broadest alliance against nuclear weapons ever.