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25 February 2013

An exclusive club with a hidden agenda

The author argues that if the Nuclear Suppliers Group wishes to change with the times, it should make its decision-making processes more transparent and transform itself into something other than an exclusive club with a hidden agenda.


28 January 2013

Remembering what’s complementary, what’s central

The author argues that the squabble about Iran's nuclear program has more to do with the country's stance on strategic and security issues than with its proliferation track record.

1 January 2013

Contributions to peace and development, not excessive control

The author argues that the main challenge facing the Nuclear Suppliers Group today is deciding how to balance the economic and proliferation aspects of nuclear transfers, all the while without violating its own guidelines or running afoul of its own objectives.

31 December 2012

Paths forward for the Nuclear Suppliers Group

Rajiv NayanKayhan BarzegarRaymund Jose G. Quilop

Though the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) may well be indispensable for nonproliferation, its membership of mainly wealthy nations sometimes provokes suspicion in the developing world. Can the NSG contribute to nonproliferation and also remain fair to developing countries?

1 November 2010
Global forum
As the writers in this symposium illustrate, dealing with Iran’s nuclear program is one of the most important foreign policy issues of the day. Years of stalled talks, diplomatic dead-ends, and sanctions have made it