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1 November 2012

Proceed, but with caution

The author argues, in order to limit their dependence on fuel banks, emerging nuclear nations should consider diversifying their fuel suppliers, increasing their stocks of fuel and, when feasible, expediting plans to develop indigenous enrichment capabilities.

11 October 2012

Despite assurances, doubts persist

The author writes that doubts about international fuel banks are justified by concerns about the motivations that may have led to the banks' establishment and about the influence that nuclear weapon states might exert over the facilities due to their financial contributions to them.

29 August 2012

For a fuel bank, fairness is paramount

The author argues that it should be possible to structure an international fuel bank in such a way that compliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is strengthened and non-nuclear weapon states are rewarded for adhering to the mandates of the treaty.

28 August 2012

Is a nuclear fuel bank a good investment?

Ta Minh TuanKhaled ToukanRamamurti Rajaraman

Among the fundamental challenges facing the nonproliferation project is that highly enriched uranium suitable for nuclear weapons can be produced in the same facilities that make low-enriched uranium for civilian reactors.