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27 July 2009

Disarmament movement lessons from yesteryear

Lawrence S. Wittner

Public campaigns against nuclear weapons have been surprisingly effective over the years. Although public concern about nuclear weapons has existed ever since the Hiroshima bombing, it has been particularly salient thanks to three waves of anti-nuclear protest.

7 December 2007

Portents of an anti-nuclear upsurge

Superficially, it seems remote that a new wave of mass activism against nuclear weapons
comparable to the vast outpouring of popular protest during the early 1980s will develop anytime

1 November 2007
During the 1980s, a grass roots movement against nuclear weapons filled city streets worldwide with protesters. Today, the drumbeat for disarmament is growing loud again. Our experts debate whether we are witnessing a reemergence
16 October 2007

Protest against the reliable replacement warhead

Although Congress has been dealing with the Bush administration’s proposal to develop the
reliable replacement warhead (RRW) for much of 2007, it’s remarkable that the new weapon, a
hydrogen bomb, has attracted little public protest or even public attention.

9 September 2007

Religion and nuclear disarmament

Jessica Wilbanks is right to stress the importance of religion in efforts to create a nuclear-weapon-free world.

18 August 2007

The anti-nuclear campaign's future

The observations made by the other writers in this exchange reinforce my impression of a revival in the anti-nuclear weapons movement.

13 June 2007

A modest revival

Although the nuclear disarmament movement has been in the doldrums since the end of the Cold War, in recent years there have been signs of a modest revival.

1 July 2004
The campaign against nuclear weapons was not simply an ideological movement; it was a potent political force.
1 July 1999
American Science in an Age of Anxiety: Scientists, Anticommunism, and the Cold War By Jessica Wang, University of North Carolina, 1999, 392 pages; $19.95