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22 January 2010

Germany's slowing nuclear phaseout

Len Ackland

Eight years ago, a German coalition government comprised of Social Democrats and Greens passed legislation phasing out the country's nuclear power plants, which provide one-quarter of German electricity, after roughly 32 years of operation. Given that schedule, at least two of the country's 17 nuclear reactors should be shutting down this year.

1 July 2009
Confronted with stringent goals for greenhouse gas emissions reductions, germany is trying to find the right balance of energy sources and efficiency measures to meet electricity demand. Nuclear may or may not be part of the mix.
1 May 2007
“Atmospheric Effects and Societal Consequences of Regional Scale Nuclear Conflicts and Acts of Individual Nuclear Terrorism,” by Owen B. Toon, Richard P. Turco, Alan Robock, Charles Bardeen, Luke Oman, and Georgiy L. Stenchikov. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, November 22, 2006.