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1 March 2015

Fear of nuclear weapons is rational, but its extension to terrorism has been a vehicle for fear-mongering that is unjustified by available data.

1 July 2013
AmericasMiddle East

The Lavon Affair, a failed Israeli covert operation directed against Egypt in 1954, triggered a chain of events that have had profound consequences for power relationships in the Middle East; the affair’s effects still reverberate today.

1 May 2006
The U.S.-India nuclear agreement is the wrong deal with the wrong energy source.
1 May 2004
Pakistan lied, stole, and conned its way to becoming a nuclear weapons power. Now it's doing the same as a nuclear broker. Will the United States do anything about it?
1 November 2003
Did the 50-year-old Atoms for Peace program accelerate nuclweapons proliferation? The juhas been in for some time on this question, and the answer is yes.