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8 September 2015
AfricaMiddle East

Flash from the past: Why an apparent Israeli nuclear test in 1979 matters today

Leonard Weiss

Some 36 years ago, Israel likely did a nuclear test with South Africa’s help, and the US looked the other way. That ancient history—including the violation on testing—is especially pertinent today.

1 September 2015
AsiaEurope/RussiaMiddle East

What do past nonproliferation failures say about the Iran nuclear agreement?

Leonard Weiss

The difference between past nonproliferation failures and the current Iran agreement is made clear by the record of nuclear diplomacy involving four countries that did not sign the NPT or withdrew from it: Israel, India, Pakistan, and North Korea. 

1 March 2015

Fear of nuclear weapons is rational, but its extension to terrorism has been a vehicle for fear-mongering that is unjustified by available data.

1 July 2013
AmericasMiddle East

The Lavon Affair, a failed Israeli covert operation directed against Egypt in 1954, triggered a chain of events that have had profound consequences for power relationships in the Middle East; the affair’s effects still reverberate today.

1 May 2006
The U.S.-India nuclear agreement is the wrong deal with the wrong energy source.
1 May 2004
Pakistan lied, stole, and conned its way to becoming a nuclear weapons power. Now it's doing the same as a nuclear broker. Will the United States do anything about it?
1 November 2003
Did the 50-year-old Atoms for Peace program accelerate nuclweapons proliferation? The juhas been in for some time on this question, and the answer is yes.