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Senior Editor, Development and Disarmament Roundtable

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3 June 2015

Space weapons and nuclear war

Janice SinclaireLucien Crowder

Amid tension between nuclear-armed nations, one side uses antisatellite weapons to disable its adversary's space assets. Is it seeking advantage in a conventional conflict—or preparing a nuclear first strike? In this scenario, the cost of miscalculation could be vast. How can the risk be mitigated? 

31 December 2014

Discussions worth hearing out

Lucien Crowder

Some of the best from our Development and Disarmament Roundtable series

1 May 2014

A modest proposal on climate: Public disengagement

Lucien Crowder

If granted the obscurity and freedom of action that disarmament bureaucrats enjoy, the technocratic elites who work to arrest climate change might just manage to save the planet.