Manpreet Sethi

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18 July 2013

Vested interests, phantom threats

The author suggests that nuclear threat perceptions remain high because elevated threats are in the interest of influential defense industries and powerful political coteries.

18 July 2013

Nuclear deterrence and terrorism: Implications for global security

Evgeny BuzhinskySadia TasleemManpreet Sethi

Though US nuclear policy seeks "to reduce the salience of nuclear weapons," it doesn't exclude their use against states that help terrorists obtain weapons of mass destruction.

27 June 2013

Transcending narrow national interests

The author writes that, if nuclear disarmament cannot be achieved soon, it may be worthwhile to establish an international convention against the use of nuclear weapons.

6 June 2013

Right idea, tricky implementation

The author argues that the United States should find legal and political solutions to nuclear challenges rather than relying so strongly on military strategy.