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21 October 2008

A foundation on which to assess neuroscience's military potential

Much of our discussion during the last three months has revolved around the challenges of developing norms, ethical frameworks, and new security models for the neurosciences.

2 September 2008

Cognitive science research calls for new security initiatives

My colleagues have provided much for me to respond to. I'll take up a few ideas: global cognitive science research and development, differentiating offensive from defensive research, and expanding the concept of technical security studies.

23 July 2008

Basic research is needed to better understand the effects of drugs that affect the brain

Thanks to my colleagues for furthering this conversation. I look forward to the results of the National Academy of Sciences study that Christopher Green is chairing.

20 June 2008

The security impact of the neurosciences

Jonathan Y. HuangMargaret E. Kosal

In light of increased research into human brain function and cognition, some important questions have arisen: What are the implications of security-related applications of this research? What impact will this research and its applied technologies have globally? What international regimes could regulate the dual use or potential misuse of these technologies? Or will international regimes develop as a result?

1 September 2004
Nanotechnology seems to offer much the same promise–and danger–as biotechnology seemed to have in its early days. And it has attracted many of the same friends and foes.