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1 July 2014
Global forum

Technological advances in the life sciences hold out the promise of controlling or eliminating stubborn diseases.

29 May 2014

How to confront emerging pathogens

Oyewale TomoriLouise BezuidenhoutChandre GouldMaria José Espona

In rich countries, the threat of manmade pathogens can keep security professionals up at night. In the developing world, health care professionals must focus mostly on the here and now.

29 May 2014

Spotlight on South America

The author assesses the strengths and weaknesses in South America's system for fighting emerging pathogens.

2 May 2014

Planning for the entire disease cycle

The author argues that winning the battle against emerging pathogens depends on making good plans, implementing them well, assessing successes and failures, and incorporating what is learned into plans for the future.

11 April 2014

Making bad data good

The author argues that faulty disease statistics represent a serious impediment to initiatives in both public health and defense, but that data can be improved with changes in the institutional and educational realms.