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19 June 2014

The EPA carbon plan: Coal loses, but nuclear doesn't win

Mark Cooper

Think nuclear energy scored big with EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan? Think again.

18 June 2013

Nuclear aging: Not so graceful

Mark Cooper

The early decommissioning of San Onofre shows the need for closer scrutiny of decisions to repair or build nuclear power plants. 

1 July 2012
The cost of building new nuclear reactors receives a great deal of attention in market economies, including the United States, Japan, and Germany.
5 October 2011

Nuclear liability: The market-based, post-Fukushima case for ending Price-Anderson

Mark Cooper

The need to revisit and revise regulations regarding financial responsibility for nuclear accidents has been clear and compelling for at least a quarter of a century (since Chernobyl) and has been made overwhelmingly obvious by Fukushima. The political opening to revise these regulations will vary from nation to nation, but is particularly small in the United States.

2 December 2009

Further nuclear power subsidies are wrongheaded

Mark Cooper

It is ironic that as the nation continues to suffer from the misallocation of risk by companies in the financial sector, some of the strongest supporters of free markets and critics of government action are urging a massive federal subsidy for nuclear power.