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1 May 2014
Global forum

In 2012, an effort to establish a zone in the Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction ran out of momentum.

27 February 2014

Time to ban chemical weapons from the Middle East?

Mostafa Elwi SaifEmily B. LandauRadwan Ziadeh

Chemical weapons are disappearing from Syria and some say it's time to ban them from the entire region. Others say banning nuclear weapons must remain paramount. Could simply discussing these issues make the region more secure?

16 January 2014

No use for nuclear weapons

The author argues that Israel’s nuclear arsenal serves no purpose because Israel has initiated most of the conflicts in which it has been involved; the arsenal has not served as a deterrent in the past; and nations with nuclear weapons do not use them in any case.

17 December 2013

Banning chemical weapons is not enough

The author would support banning all weapons of mass destruction from the Middle East but opposes an effort merely to ban chemical weapons, arguing that doing so would ignore the most important WMD issue in the region—Israel’s nuclear arsenal.