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27 July 2015

Deconstructing the nuclear industry

Mycle SchneiderAntony Froggatt

The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2015 finds the global nuclear industry facing continued construction problems and losing ground to renewable energy.

1 January 2014

As of December 1, 2013, a total of 429 nuclear reactors were considered operational in 31 countries. The nuclear industry is in decline, however, with global electricity generation from nuclear power plants down by a record 7 percent in 2012.

16 January 2013

On second thought: IAEA re-categorizes the operational status for 47 of Japan's nuclear reactors

Mycle Schneider

Update: On January 18, 2013, the operational information included in the International Atomic Energy Agency's Power Reactor Information System database was reversed. The following day, the agency stated in a press release that the significant move was due to a "clerical error" by Japan's Nuclear Energy Safety Organization, which is the agency's counterpart in Japan.

1 January 2013
Special issue: French nuclear exit?
France is at an energy crossroads.
1 January 2013
Special issue: French nuclear exit?
Many countries rethought their domestic nuclear power programs after the meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. In fact, even France—which generates half of the European Union’s nuclear electricity—has a new approach to nuclear power and to energy policy.
1 September 2012
The energy issue
The market niche that nuclear power once held is disappearing. The key nuclear indicators—including the number of operating reactors, installed capacity, power generation, and share of total electricity generation—all show that the global nuclear industry is in decline.
9 September 2011

Fukushima crisis: Can Japan be at the forefront of an authentic paradigm shift?

Mycle Schneider

The catastrophe now referenced by a single word -- Fukushima -- is not merely a major natural disaster. The events of 3/11 sent shockwaves through the nuclear industry and governments around the world and constitute the end of a certain economic development model and the industrial risk calculation that underlies it. Giant, centralized electricity production sites that rain kilowatt-hours onto consumers who are constantly increasing their consumption -- while accepting risk that can potentially harm millions -- are now outdated.

8 September 2011

2010–2011 world nuclear industry status report

Mycle SchneiderAntony FroggattSteve Thomas

Bushehr went critical. According to industry news outlets, the Iranian nuclear reactor project was finally completed on May 8, 2011 -- 36 years after the first shovel hit the ground. The historic event closely followed the first grid connection, on May 3, of the second unit of the Chinese Ling Ao II nuclear plant. And on March 14, only three days after the Fukushima crisis began, and without any publicity, the Pakistani Chasnupp-2 reactor generated its first power.

1 July 2011
The nuclear energy issue
In 2010, there were more nuclear power units under construction worldwide than in any year since 1988. Even before Fukushima, however, status indicators for the international nuclear industry were showing a negative trend.
1 May 2010
Since the dawn of the nuclear age, nuclear energy advocates have dreamed of a reactor that could produce more fuel than it used. More than 60 years and $100 billion later, that vision remains as far from reality as ever.