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14 June 2012

A tale of two treaties?

Naeem Ahmad SalikAdel M. AliSunday Jonah

Before the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) came into force in 1970, concerned scientists made dire predictions about the rate at which nuclear weapons would spread around the globe. Thanks in part to the treaty, the gloomiest scenarios have been avoided.

31 May 2012

Critical issues provoke enduring disagreements

The author argues that making meaningful changes to the structure and mission of the IAEA would be, partly for historical reasons, very difficult; and that, barring general disarmament, nuclear weapons are probably in South Asia to stay.

10 May 2012

Solutions must not create new problems

The author argues that the IAEA’s responsibilities should not be expanded to the point that it has difficulty carrying out its mandate, and that exceptionalism such as the waiver extended to India in 2008 by the Nuclear Suppliers Group does not encourage treaty outliers to join the NPT.

1 May 2012

Toward a fairer, more effective nonproliferation regime

The author argues that some problems with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty could be addressed by establishing a consortium under the IAEA that would guarantee technology and fuel in exchange for return of spent fuel and accession to the Additional Protocol to the NPT Safeguards Agreement.