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7 November 2013

Climate, food, and biomass energy

N.H. RavindranathRoberto BissioJosé R. Moreira

As people seek to contain rising carbon levels, they may derive increasing amounts of energy from biomass. But land is a finite resource. Food insecurity is already severe in many poor countries.

24 October 2013

Pursuing many paths

The author argues that mitigating climate change, increasing energy access, and addressing food insecurity will require that biomass energy options be pursued on scales large and small and in the developed and developing worlds alike.

4 October 2013

Think small

The author argues that discussions about bioenergy must not focus too strongly on biofuels for transportation. Other bioenergy appraches, many small in scale, offer ways to reduce carbon emissions without threatening food security.

24 September 2013

The devil’s in the details

The author writes that bioenergy's ability to meet energy needs, mitigate climate change, and avoid adverse effects on food production depends on factors such as the technology and feedstock used and the scale of production.