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19 November 2013

Seeking climate equity

Ambuj SagarPablo SolónRolph Payet

Most poor nations bear little responsibility for climate change but many of them stand to suffer greatly from it. Some rich nations balk at reducing carbon emissions unless others do likewise. How should responsibility for addressing climate change be apportioned?

19 November 2013

A fight that must not be lost

The author argues that solutions to the climate crisis will not emerge from governments, but rather from social movements, political pressure, and direct actions.

1 November 2013

Harmony through redistribution

The author argues that the capitalist paradigm of development can neither mitigate climate change nor address the needs of the world's poor. What's needed instead is redistribution of wealth and an abandonment of the logic of capitalism.

11 October 2013

A changed relationship with nature

The author argues that the international climate regime must set ambitious targets for emissions reductions; that countries with high historical emissions must not be allowed to wriggle out of their commitments; and that nations must seriously question the need for endless economic growth.