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1 March 2013
Special issue: US nuclear exit?
1 November 2009
As plans for new U.S. nuclear power plants encounter problems, their proponents seek to shift ever more economic risk to taxpayers who are already staggering under the weight of other federal bailouts.
1 August 2007

Follow the money

In the months since this exchange began, one episode after another has established that the
nuclear power surge emerging from Washington is not the benign version that its more idealistic
proponents envision. These episodes include: President George W. Bush hauling the Nuclear

13 June 2007

Prioritize all options first

Stephen Berry confronts Amory Lovins with rebuttals more applicable to new nuclear power plants
than to Lovins's alternatives. Consider the statement, "We can't afford to bet on only one roulette

23 March 2007

Nuclear is not an essential solution

A sensible approach to climate change would put a significant price on fuels according to their
carbon content. It would offer nondiscriminatory, governmental support to technologies according to