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5 September 2007

Tomorrow's nuclear power will be different than yesterday's nuclear power

Amory is correct that the sort of nuclear power last built in the United States is much more
expensive than other major sources of electric power. The construction costs of the most recent

5 July 2007

Keep all options on the table

Amory has the impression that I'm not a strong supporter of energy efficiency. In fact, as he
knows, I've worked on energy efficiency since 1969, well before the 1973 oil "crisis." My
colleagues and I developed what is now known as "life cycle analysis," beginning with the study

24 May 2007

Energy efficiency alone won't work

Amory is quite correct that there are many ways to reduce energy use and retain at least the
same level of services we have now. And it is very sensible to try to adopt such means. But Amory
is always delightfully optimistic about the rates of diffusion and acceptance of new

10 April 2007

Nuclear is more reliable, safer than before

There is every reason to pursue increased energy efficiency. There are even justifications for
subsidizing capital investments in energy-efficient technology. After all, the discount rates used

22 March 2007

Nuclear can help

Given Earth's inevitable and imminent climate change and the rapid development of previously
underdeveloped nations, humanity faces a novel challenge. Whether the climate will change slowly