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22 December 2016

In the nuclear order, what role for China?

Hua HanRajesh RajagopalanGregory Kulacki

China's getting richer. China's getting stronger. How will a stronger, richer China approach the world's nonproliferation and disarmament challenges?

16 December 2016

China should seek nuclear stability, not disarmament utopia

Beijing has a great opportunity to demonstrate normative leadership in its region and elsewhere. The question is whether Beijing will seize this unexpected chance to reduce the region's dependence on Washington as security provider.

21 November 2016

China and nonproliferation: Divergence between policy and actions

The disconnect between China's stated nonproliferation policy and its actual actions are sufficiently divergent that one must ask whether the two are really the same.

26 October 2016

How China can address the world's nuclear disorder

As long as China's policies remain wedded to narrow self-interest, Beijing will be viewed with suspicion in the global nuclear order and China will find it difficult to enjoy the full measure of its power.