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1 September 2014
Global forum

In nuclear war, women would suffer at least as much as men. But women tend to be underrepresented in fields—such as high-level politics, diplomacy, military affairs, and science and technology—that bear on nuclear policy.

3 July 2014

Women and nuclear weapons policy

Salma MalikPolina SinovetsReshmi Kazi

Women have as much reason as men to fear nuclear war. Maybe more. But women have relatively little control over whether nuclear weapons are ever used—or whether they continue to exist. How can women break into the largely male preserve of weapons policy?

3 July 2014

Mothers, wives, decision makers

The author argues that women's freedom tends to be restricted in most societies by their greater family responsibilities. But such constraints can be no excuse for institutional discrimination, including in the nuclear realm.

13 June 2014

Toward the platform of authority

The author argues that women can empower themselves, while also contributing meaningfully to nuclear decision making, by fulfilling their roles—traditional in many societies—as guardians of morals and ethics.

16 May 2014

Tradition, the enemy of disarmament

The author argues that it's difficult for women to contribute to nuclear disarmament as long as diplomacy, dialogue, and a sense of interdependence among nations—the very things on which disarmament depends—are assigned low value due to their association with femininity.