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1 January 2014
Global forum

Many experts have concluded that, if greenhouse gas concentrations are to be limited while the world’s energy demands are nonetheless met, biomass energy will be an indispensable resource.

29 November 2013

Gas guzzlers and wood fires

The author argues that efforts to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions among the world’s poor are misguided and counterproductive; acknowledges that production of biofuels in Brazil may be economically and environmentally sound; and maintains that, in climate terms, organic agriculture makes up for

7 November 2013

Climate, food, and biomass energy

N.H. RavindranathRoberto BissioJosé R. Moreira

As people seek to contain rising carbon levels, they may derive increasing amounts of energy from biomass. But land is a finite resource. Food insecurity is already severe in many poor countries.

14 October 2013

Small scale, small contribution

The author argues that reducing the carbon emissions of the world's poor should not be a prime focus of climate mitigation because the poor's emissions are very low already. Also, the author argues, a focus on the emissions of the poor implicitly blames them for a problem they did not create.

30 September 2013

Cut emissions, skip the fake compensation

The author argues that biofuels are essentially a way in which rich countries try to compensate for their failure to reduce their excessive carbon emissions.