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1 September 2014
Global forum

In nuclear war, women would suffer at least as much as men. But women tend to be underrepresented in fields—such as high-level politics, diplomacy, military affairs, and science and technology—that bear on nuclear policy.

3 July 2014

Women and nuclear weapons policy

Salma MalikPolina SinovetsReshmi Kazi

Women have as much reason as men to fear nuclear war. Maybe more. But women have relatively little control over whether nuclear weapons are ever used—or whether they continue to exist. How can women break into the largely male preserve of weapons policy?

23 June 2014

The sexes, the state, and nuclear arms

The author argues that a gender-based sense of patriotism often turns disarmament into something "soft," feminized, or emasculated—not only hindering disarmament but also making it difficult to establish a credible feminist approach to hard-core strategic studies and policy making.

29 May 2014

Rejecting the feminist straitjacket

The author argues that increased influence for women might have little effect on disarmament. Nonetheless, women's empowerment in nuclear issues is important for women themselves and for the sake of social equality.

14 May 2014

Women: From opinion makers to policy makers

The author argues that women involved in nuclear policy, because they must struggle to prove that they are equal to their male counterparts, often take on personas that are stern, hawkish, and "masculine."