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10 May 2012

Nuclear option: The developing world weighs energy needs and security risks

Gilberto M. JannuzziShahriman LockmanP. R. Kumaraswamy

Over 45 countries that do not use nuclear power today are seriously considering its adoption; of these, 37 are classified by the World Bank as developing nations.

3 May 2012

Knowing how much to worry

The author argues that the threat of nuclear terrorism does not warrant the intense fear that it provokes—but at the same time, it cannot be dismissed too lightly.

12 April 2012

An exaggerated risk, yet a real one

The author argues that Western governments and the nonproliferation community too often exaggerate the risks of nuclear weapons proliferation, but this does not mean that security concerns about new nuclear power programs should be abandoned.


28 March 2012

Nuclear power's limited usefulness and limited proliferation risk

The author argues that the risk of nuclear weapon proliferation is not as high as it is sometimes portrayed, but in any event, more should be done to cultivate a culture of safety and security in nations that adopt nuclear energy.